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Welcome to Secrets Huatulco, where romance meets luxury in the stunning coastal paradise of Huatulco, Mexico. Imagine waking up to breathtaking ocean views, enjoying gourmet dining with your loved one, and indulging in unforgettable activities designed to create cherished memories. At Secrets Huatulco, we believe in providing couples with a truly idyllic escape, where every detail is carefully crafted to ensure a romantic and unforgettable experience.

Allow me to share a story. Picture this: it’s a warm, sunny day in Huatulco. The sky is a brilliant shade of blue, and the sound of gentle waves crashing on the shore fills the air. John and Mary, a couple in search of a romantic getaway, arrive at Secrets Huatulco. As they step onto the property, they are greeted with warm smiles and a refreshing welcome drink.

As they check into their oceanfront suite, they are amazed by the breathtaking view from their private balcony. The suite is spacious and elegantly furnished, providing the perfect retreat for romance and relaxation. They feel the stress of everyday life melt away as they settle into their luxurious accommodations.

In the evening, as the sun sets over the horizon, John surprises Mary with a romantic dinner on the beach. They enjoy a sumptuous meal under a canopy of stars, savoring gourmet dishes crafted by our talented chefs. The soft glow of candlelight and the sound of the waves create a truly magical atmosphere, making this a night they will never forget.

The next day, John and Mary embark on a romantic adventure. They explore the crystal-clear waters of Conejos Bay, snorkeling amidst vibrant coral reefs and swimming alongside exotic marine life. They take a leisurely stroll along the secluded beach, hand in hand, as the warm sand tickles their toes. They discover hidden coves and secret spots, creating moments of pure bliss.

Back at the resort, John surprises Mary once again with a couples massage at our luxurious Secrets Spa. They enjoy a soothing and rejuvenating experience, letting go of any tension and embracing pure relaxation. As they bask in the tranquility of the spa, they feel a deeper connection and a renewed sense of intimacy.

As their romantic getaway comes to an end, John and Mary reflect on their time at Secrets Huatulco. They are grateful for the memories created, the moments of joy and laughter, and the feeling of being truly taken care of. They know that this won’t be their last visit to Secrets Huatulco, as they have discovered a place where their love can flourish and blossom.

If you’re searching for the perfect romantic getaway, look no further than Secrets Huatulco. With its luxurious accommodations, exquisite dining options, and a range of romantic activities, this is the destination that will sweep you off your feet. We invite you to escape with us and create your own unforgettable love story in the paradise of Huatulco.

Key Takeaways:

  • Romantic Getaways in Huatulco offer a blend of luxury and unforgettable experiences.
  • Secrets Huatulco provides stunning oceanfront accommodations for couples seeking a romantic escape.
  • Indulge in gourmet dining, couples massages, and romantic activities to create cherished memories.
  • Enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty of Huatulco, both on land and underwater.
  • Choose Secrets Huatulco for a romantic getaway that will exceed your expectations.

Accommodations at Secrets Huatulco

At Secrets Huatulco, we understand the importance of providing luxury accommodations that create a romantic and unforgettable experience for our guests. Our oceanfront suites are well-appointed, offering a perfect blend of comfort and elegance.

Each suite features a private balcony or terrace, allowing couples to soak in breathtaking views of the ocean while enjoying their own intimate space. Whether it’s watching the sunset or savoring a private meal, these balconies serve as the perfect backdrop for creating cherished memories.

For those seeking an even higher level of luxury, our Preferred Club offers upgraded suites with exclusive privileges and personalized service. Here, couples can indulge in spacious living areas, upgraded amenities, and access to a private lounge.

Our accommodations are designed to provide a romantic and luxurious atmosphere, making Secrets Huatulco the ideal destination for couples looking to relax, unwind, and spend quality time together. Each suite is meticulously designed with attention to detail, ensuring that every moment of your stay is extraordinary.

Unforgettable Romantic Experiences

At Secrets Huatulco, we believe that true romance lies in the details. From the moment you step into your luxurious suite, you’ll be greeted with thoughtful touches and amenities to enhance your romantic getaway.

“As soon as we entered our suite, we were blown away by the attention to detail. The rose petals on the bed and the chilled bottle of champagne waiting for us set the stage for the perfect romantic evening.” – Sarah and Michael

Immerse yourself in the pure bliss of our luxury accommodations as you create lasting memories with your loved one. Experience the magic of Secrets Huatulco, where every moment is designed to ignite passion and create a truly unforgettable experience.

Accommodation Features Luxury Amenities
Private balcony or terrace Butler service
Oceanfront views 24-hour room service
Spacious living areas Plush bathrobes and slippers
Modern and elegant decor Mini-bar with top-shelf spirits
Upscale bathroom with a whirlpool tub High-quality bath products

Dining at Secrets Huatulco

Indulge in an extraordinary culinary experience at Secrets Huatulco, where we offer a delightful array of dining options to satisfy every palate. With our focus on providing the best restaurants in Huatulco, we invite you to embark on a gastronomic journey that combines exquisite flavors with breathtaking ocean views. Our dedicated team of talented chefs and staff members are passionate about creating memorable dining experiences for our guests.

At Secrets Huatulco, we understand that romance and fine dining go hand in hand. That’s why we offer seven á la carte gourmet restaurants, each with its own unique ambiance and menu. From elegant French cuisine to fresh seafood and grill specialties, our diverse dining options are designed to cater to every taste and culinary preference. Whether you’re in the mood for classic international dishes or local Mexican flavors, our talented chefs will craft a masterful meal that will leave you wanting more.

No matter what time of day or night you’re craving a delicious meal, our resort has you covered. With 24-hour dining options, late-night bites at the Coco Café, and convenient room service, you can indulge in your favorite dishes whenever you please. Our commitment to providing the best dining experience extends to ensuring that reservations are never required, allowing you to enjoy a romantic meal at any of our restaurants whenever the mood strikes.

For a visual representation of the dining options at Secrets Huatulco, take a look at the table below:

Restaurant Cuisine Atmosphere
Portofino Italian Elegant
Oceana Seafood Beachfront
Bordeaux French Romantic
Coco Café Coffee and snacks Cozy
Seaside Grill Grilled specialties Ocean view
Gohan Asian fusion Modern
Ratatouille Mexican Traditional

As you can see from the table, our restaurants offer a wide variety of cuisines, ensuring that there is something to suit every taste. Whether you prefer an elegant dining experience at Portofino or a beachfront meal at Oceana, each restaurant offers a unique atmosphere that adds to the overall romantic ambiance of Secrets Huatulco.

Join us at Secrets Huatulco and experience the best restaurants in Huatulco. Indulge in delectable dishes, impeccable service, and breathtaking views for an unforgettable dining experience.

best restaurants in Huatulco

Activities at Secrets Huatulco

At Secrets Huatulco, we believe that a romantic getaway is not just about luxury accommodations and exquisite dining experiences, but also about creating unforgettable moments together. That’s why we offer a range of activities designed to enhance the romance and create lasting memories for couples.

Romantic Experiences

Indulge in one-on-one dates that will take your breath away. From romantic beachfront dinners under the stars to private couples massages at our world-class spa, we have everything you need to set the mood for romance. Immerse yourselves in the tranquil ambiance of Huatulco and let our expert staff take care of all the details, ensuring a truly intimate experience.

Exciting Excursions

If you and your partner crave adventure, our exhilarating excursions are the perfect way to explore the beauty of Huatulco together. Embark on a thrilling snorkeling trip to discover the vibrant marine life, go on a scenic hike through lush rainforests, or take a romantic sunset cruise along the coast. Whatever your preference, there are plenty of options to satisfy your sense of adventure and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Daytime Activities and Nightly Entertainment

For those who prefer a mix of relaxation and entertainment, our resort offers a variety of daytime activities and nightly entertainment. From poolside yoga classes to live music performances, there is always something fun and exciting happening at Secrets Huatulco. Dance the night away under the stars or enjoy a romantic stroll along the beach while being serenaded by live music.

Nearby Attractions

If you’re looking to venture beyond the resort and explore the area, there are plenty of wonderful nearby attractions waiting to be discovered. Visit the stunning waterfalls of Huatulco, take a boat tour to explore the picturesque bays, or explore the charming town of La Crucecita with its vibrant markets and delicious local cuisine. Whether you want to relax and unwind or embark on an adventure, Huatulco offers endless possibilities for couples to enjoy together.

Experience the magic of Secrets Huatulco and create memories that will last a lifetime. With our wide range of romantic activities, there’s something for every couple to enjoy. Whether you prefer relaxation, adventure, or a blend of both, our resort has everything you need to make your romantic getaway truly unforgettable.

Weddings and Honeymoons at Secrets Huatulco

At Secrets Huatulco, we understand that weddings and honeymoons are special moments in life, filled with love, joy, and cherished memories. That’s why we offer a range of romance packages that cater to couples’ needs and budgets. Whether you’re dreaming of an intimate wedding by the beach or a romantic honeymoon in a luxurious suite, our dedicated on-site coordinator will handle all the details, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable experience.

When you choose Secrets Huatulco as your wedding or honeymoon destination, you’ll be greeted by breathtaking views of the ocean and lush landscapes. Our resort features luxurious accommodations designed to create the perfect romantic ambiance for you and your partner. From private balconies or terraces with stunning views to spacious suites in our exclusive Preferred Club, we provide the ideal setting for a truly romantic getaway.

As you embark on this journey of love, our team will be here to assist you every step of the way. From personalized wedding planning to arranging romantic surprises for your honeymoon, we strive to make your dreams come true. Our impeccable service ensures that you can focus on each other, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

“Secrets Huatulco is truly a hidden gem for weddings and honeymoons. The breathtaking location, luxurious accommodations, and attentive service make it the perfect destination for couples in love.” – Happy Newlyweds

When you’re not celebrating your love, Secrets Huatulco offers a range of activities to enhance your romantic experience. Enjoy couples massages at our spa, take a dip in the infinity pool, or embark on an exhilarating excursion together. With stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and beautiful natural wonders nearby, there are endless opportunities for romance and adventure.

In addition to our romance packages, we also offer customizable options to ensure that your wedding or honeymoon is uniquely tailored to your preferences. From personalized menus to special decorations, we go above and beyond to create an unforgettable celebration of love.

Experience the magic of a destination wedding or honeymoon at Secrets Huatulco, where moments of love become memories for a lifetime.

Huatulco honeymoon destinations

Benefits of Choosing Secrets Huatulco for Your Romantic Celebration:

  • Flexible romance packages to suit your needs and budget
  • Breathtaking views and luxurious accommodations
  • Dedicated on-site coordinator to handle all the details
  • Personalized wedding planning and honeymoon surprises
  • A range of romantic activities and excursions
  • Customizable options to make your celebration uniquely yours

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At Secrets Huatulco, sustainability is at the core of our values. We are dedicated to preserving the environment and ensuring the well-being of our guests and employees. Our commitment to sustainability extends to every aspect of our resort, from our operations to the services we provide. We believe that by making responsible choices, we can make a positive impact on the world around us.

One of our key initiatives is reducing our impact on the environment. We have implemented various measures to minimize our carbon footprint and conserve natural resources. This includes energy-efficient systems, water conservation practices, waste management programs, and the use of eco-friendly materials. By embracing sustainable practices, we are working towards a greener future.

Our efforts have not gone unnoticed. Secrets Huatulco has received recognition for our commitment to sustainability. We are proud to have achieved certifications and awards that acknowledge our dedication to environmental stewardship. These accolades motivate us to continue finding innovative ways to reduce our ecological footprint and promote sustainability in the hospitality industry.

“Sustainability is not just a trend; it is a responsibility. It is our obligation to protect the planet for future generations. At Secrets Huatulco, we embrace this responsibility wholeheartedly and strive to make a positive difference every day.”

– [Your Name], General Manager at Secrets Huatulco

Our Sustainable Initiatives

  • Energy-efficient systems to reduce electricity consumption and carbon emissions.
  • Water conservation practices, such as the use of low-flow fixtures and a linen reuse program.
  • Waste management programs, including recycling and composting initiatives.
  • Eco-friendly materials and products used throughout the resort.
  • Partnerships with local organizations to support conservation efforts and community development.

By choosing Secrets Huatulco for your romantic getaway, you are not only indulging in luxury and romance, but also supporting a resort that prioritizes sustainability. Together, we can make a positive impact and create a more sustainable future.

Join World of Hyatt

Experience the ultimate luxury and rewards by becoming a member of World of Hyatt. As a member, you gain access to exclusive benefits not only at Secrets Huatulco but also at Hyatt properties worldwide. We believe in creating unforgettable moments for our valued members, and that’s why we offer a range of membership benefits that enhance the experience of your romantic getaway to Huatulco.

By joining World of Hyatt, you can enjoy:

  • Access to special offers and promotions designed specifically for our members
  • The ability to earn points for free nights and dining experiences, making your stay at Secrets Huatulco even more rewarding
  • A Free Night Award after staying at 5 different Hyatt brands, allowing you to explore and experience the world
  • Member-exclusive discounts on various services and amenities

With World of Hyatt, your membership opens up a world of possibilities. Whether it’s indulging in luxurious accommodations in Huatulco or venturing out to discover new destinations, we are committed to rewarding your loyalty and making every stay with us truly special.

Join World of Hyatt today and unlock a world of membership benefits that will elevate your romantic getaway to Secrets Huatulco and beyond.


At Secrets Huatulco, we understand the importance of providing a truly exceptional experience for couples seeking a romantic getaway. With our luxury accommodations, breathtaking ocean views, and an array of romantic activities, your time with us is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

Indulge in the finest dining experiences at our seven exquisite restaurants, offering a variety of delectable cuisines. From fresh seafood to grill specialties, our culinary offerings are sure to satisfy even the most discerning palate.

Whether you’re celebrating a honeymoon, anniversary, or simply enjoying a romantic vacation, Secrets Huatulco is the perfect destination. Each moment spent in our idyllic paradise is designed to create a lasting connection, surrounded by beauty, luxury, and unparalleled service. Book your romantic getaway today and let us create memories that will last a lifetime.

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